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2019 Give Big Early!

Skyway Solutions Community Development Association needs your help! Your tax-deductible contribution will support our efforts to create affordable housing options and a thriving business district.

· Do you value the 72% people of color who live in Skyway?

· Do you value the ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic diversity in Skyway?

· Do you believe affordable housing options are needed in Skyway?

· Do you value a thriving business district that supports Skyway residents?

If YES, then donate to support our mutual values and goals! https://www.givebig2019.org/skyway-solutions

Please visit our website to learn more about us!


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Skyway Solutions Community Development Association is led by staff and board members who represent the diversity of our neighborhood. We want a thriving community that provides us the opportunity to grow and thrive along with it.  


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